The Phone Market is owned and operated by Twice Ltd.

We have years of experience buying and selling electronic devices.

We created The Phone Market as an easy way for you to sell your used gadgets.
We offer a fast, fair, transparent service that is as easy as getting an offer on our website, shipping the item to us for free and getting paid straight into your bank account.

Its Easy!

Get an instant offer here

If your happy with the offer, click ‘sell now’, fill in your details and we will send you a free CourierPost ticket to send us your device

We will pay you straight into your bank account the day we receive the phone

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We dont have any hidden fees etc, the price you see is the price we pay you.

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You want your cash fast and we want to get it to you fast, heres how to make that happen;


For Apple devices, you must turn off “Find my iPhone”

For Samsung, you must disable “Reactivation Lock”


Keep your Simcard. Its your Simcard, we dont need it.


You don’t have to, but its a good idea to backup any important stuff on your phone (photos etc), once it reaches us we will wipe the phone

We will pay you straight into your bank account within 24hrs of your item arriving to us.


*delays may occur or the item may be returned to you if it is locked. (we dont buy locked phones)

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We aren’t in the game of handling any devices that have been reported stolen or lost.

We are licensed second hand dealers, so if we come across anything shady its our job to tell the coppers.

**We will not pay for any stolen/lost devices, nor will they be returned to you**

You can get in touch with us here

Once you send your item to us, CourierPost will deliver it to us overnight and we will pay you the day it arrives to us.

But if you need to check up on your order or have any questions, get in touch

By using this website you agree:

  1. You are at least eighteen (18) years of age
  2. You are actual, legal owner and title holder of any and all devices sold or attempted to be sold.
  3. No other person or entity has any claims to or liens on the devices.
  4. Any device you sell is free of any finance or contract.
  5. The Device you sell us is not counterfeit, stolen or fraudulent and does not infringe on any third party intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademarks.
  6.  All Offers provided will be based on the accuracy of the information you supply including the model, brand and condition.
  7. Any device sent to us which is stolen, reported stolen or blacklisted, will be notified to the police and your offer will be revised to $1.00.

We buy devices in two conditions. “Used” or “Broken”.


“Used” devices must power on, be unlocked, be fully functional and be free of any damage i.e cracks on the screen or body.¬†Scratches or blemishes from everyday use is fine.


“Broken” devices must power on, be unlocked, may not be fully functional or may have damage to the screen or body.


Devices which are bent, missing parts or have been tampered with may be subject to a revised offer.